To enjoy the EuroNordicWalk Vercors Nordic Walking tours in a good mood, find the recommended equipment (non exhaustive list).


Discover the official sticks of the event!

NordicWalkin® by Wanabee walking poles will be available free of charge at the “Lending poles” stand at the Salon de la Marche Nordique®.
You will need to bring a deposit cheque for the amount of the loaned pair. Please note that the number of pairs of poles in stock is limited, so we advise you to come and borrow them on Friday or Saturday.

You can also buy these poles!

List of required equipment

  • 2 cups/containers for refreshments (1 for drink, 1 for food).
  • Comfortable and practical shoes for medium mountain trails.
  • Nordic Walking poles, which you can buy or borrow at the Salon de la Marche Nordique®!
  • Even if you will find refreshment points, bring water and food!
  • Depending on the weather, sun cream and sunglasses or warm, waterproof clothes!
  • Stay connected with a mobile phone, you never know!
  • And a working headlamp for the Night Walk.

List of recommended equipment (non-exhaustive list)

  •  A windproof jacket with a hood to withstand bad weather,
  • A survival blanket of at least 1.40m x 2m,
  • A whistle,
  • A minimum of 20€ to cover any unforeseen circumstances,
  • A reflective armband,
  • An adhesive elastic bandage or strap (minimum 100 cm x 6 cm),
  • A pocket knife,
  • A compass and IGN maps covering the area covered (3235OT and 3236OT).

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