Who can participate at the EuroNordicWalk Vercors?
2019 EuroNordicWalk Vercors is a public event, open to everyone, gathering every generations around the Nordic Walking.

I have never practiced Nordic Walking so far, can I still participate at the EuroNordicWalk Vercors
2019 EuroNordicWalk Vercors is an opportunity to learn about Nordic Walking through accessible itineraries for beginners.

I do not have Nordic Walking sticks, can I still participate at 

EuroNordicWalk Vercors?

We provide sticks within the limits of available stocks. Remember to book it when you register!

How to access the Vercors?

You can come by plane or by train from Grenoble or Valence, or by car you should follow highway A48 or A49. Find all the access roads on the Vercors website.

Is it possible to book accommodation at the same time as the registration?

Registration and accommodation are independently booked. You will find all information related to the hosting site: www.vercors.fr

How to organize my stay in the Vercors?

For optimal organization, please contact Vercors professional agencies:

Autrans’s Tourism Office
Phone: 04 76 95 30 70 – Fax: 04 76 95 38 63
info@autrans.com – www.autrans.com

Corrençon en Vercors’s Tourism Office
Phone:  0811 460 027 – Fax: 04 76 95 84 63
info@correncon.com – www.correncon.com

Lans en Vercors’s Tourism Office
Phone:  0811 460 038 – Fax: 04 76 95 47 99
tourisme@lansenvercors.com – www.lansenvercors.com

Méaudre’s Tourism Office
Phone:  04 76 95 20 68 – Fax: 04 76 95 25 93
infos@meaudre.com – www.meaudre.com

St Nizier Moucherotte’s Tourism Office
Phone:  04 76 53 40 60
www.saint-nizier du moucherotte.fr

Booking service Villard de Lans
Phone:  04 76 95 51 78 – Fax: 04 76 95 98 39
omt.resa@villarddelans.com – www.villardcorrenconreservation.com

On what type of paths does the EuroNordicWalk Vercors take place?

The itinerary emphasize the off road trails.
Small portions of the itinerary borrow tarred roads.
We advise you to take the appropriate fittings

The starting and the finishing lines are not at the same place, how can I move from one point to another?

You will park your car in Méaudre (finishing village).
From there, join your starting village by carpool or through the shuttle implemented by the organization. Remember to book your place in the shuttle when you register.

At what time should I be on the starting line?

We recommend you to be there 1 hour before the departure time in order to participate to the different activities.